Miata Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Originally, most Mazda Miata convertible tops were only available in a deep tan color. However, you can find replacement Miata convertible tops in many different colors, and in a few different materials as well. Those looking to replace their worn Miata top also have other options that original buyers didn't have, such as tinted plastic or glass rear windows.

The original, tan Miata top was made from a kind of vinyl that is very similar in appearance and texture to Haartz's Cabrio Grain vinyl (used extensively in VW Cabriolets). Cabrio Grain vinyl is available in a handful of colors, and is a strong vinyl with a good wear rating. Another option is a canvas replacement top, which can give a convertible a completely different look from a vinyl top. Canvas Miata convertible tops are made with Haartz Stayfast canvas.

Structural Options for Miata Convertible Tops

When buying a convertible top most options are cosmetic, but some manufacturers offer Miata options that are structural and functional as well. Miata tops with slightly smaller rear windows and electronic welds are an affordable alternative to more expensive, refined tops. Other, more luxurious options are also available, such as a Miata convertible top with a slightly larger window and a strong, double pass electronic weld to secure the window.

Many Miata owners can also save money by reusing their car's rain rail. The rain rail is the rear gutter of the car; it is attached to the back of the convertible top and collects water coming off of the top. By carefully removing the rivets or pins that secure it to the top and replacing them with nuts and screws, you can customize your top for easy removal in the future, and extend the rain rail's lifetime to last through multiple top replacements.

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