Morris Minor Convertible

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Morris Minor convertibles, made from 1950 to 1969, were popular cars that have become even more popular with vintage car enthusiasts. The original designer of Morris Minor cars, Alec Issigonis, would refine the design of the MMs years later for what would become Rover's immensely popular Mini. The Morris Minor convertibles and hardtops offered a glimpse towards the revolutionary Mini, including tight steering and handling, and cute, compact styling.

Morris Minor convertibles used a material called British Everflex vinyl for the convertible top. While replacement Everflex vinyl is available, the cost of importing the material and custom manufacturing the top may be prohibitive to some people. There are a number of more affordable, American substitutes, including Cabrio and Crush Grain vinyl, both manufactured by The Haartz Corporation.

Cabrio vinyl, as the name suggests, is primarily used in VW Cabriolets. Cabrio vinyl is a pigskin-grained vinyl, and is also used in Miatas and Mercury Capris. Pinpoint vinyl, another option for `56 and earlier MMs, opens up a wide variety of color choices, including dark blue, maroon, and different shades of tan.

Late-50s and `60s-Era Morris Minor Convertibles

Tops for later Morris Minor convertibles, such as the 1957-1969 Morris Minor 1000, are also available in canvas. Haartz Stayfast canvas tops, though slightly more expensive than vinyl tops, have a higher wear rating, and lend a wholly different look to the MM. All of the tops available are made with a single plastic rear window, just as the originals were.

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