Mustang Convertible Replacement

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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When shopping for Ford Mustang convertible replacements, it is occasionally important to know not only your model year, but also whether or not your Mustang was produced during the first or second half of a given model year. For most of the history of the Mustang, from 1964 to 1993, the convertible top underwent cosmetic and structural revisions every two year or so. The one main exception is that from 1983 to 1990, the design of the top remained the same.

The first major change to the top happened in the middle of 1965, when Ford replaced the hold down cables. `64 and early-65 Mustangs used hold down cables with a threaded stud on one end. From 1965 on, the cables used a spring mechanism, for a more secure fit.

Authentic Mustang Convertible Replacements and Upgrades

Like many American cars, it is easy to find Mustang convertible replacements in the original material and pattern. Until just recently, must Mustangs used Pinpoint vinyl, a regularly textured vinyl with a lightly pipped motif. Mustang convertible replacement tops are available in a variety of materials now, though, including Sailcloth vinyl (similar in appearance to canvas) and Haartz Stayfast canvas.

The rear window of replacement tops also offers an upgrade to the original. Classic Mustang tops used a plastic window that was sewn into the vinyl of the top. Many modern replacement tops are available with a glass rear window as an alternative to the original plastic window. The glass window also folds down in the middle, along a central hinge.

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