Nextel Diecast Cars

Written by Henry Baum
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For those who aren't familiar with NASCAR, it can be difficult to separate Nextel from NASCAR from Winston Cup racing. Confusing? Maybe, but it's also what makes car racing interesting. Those who think that car racing is just about cars going around a track don't realize that the sport is much more complex.

Let's compare the Winston and the Nextel Cup--both NASCAR races. NASCAR is expanding at such a rate that it had to expand its field of play. Originally there was just the Winston Cup, which Dale Earnhardt won seven times, solidifying his status as a racing legend--it's not just that he died tragically, he won heroically.

It can be difficult to compare the new generation of drivers with older drivers because the field of play is so different. It's even more difficult for drivers like Jeff Gordon, who has competed in both the Winston Cup era and the new Nextel Cup era. The reason comparisons are difficult is because people say the Nextel Cup is easier to win than the Winston.

Nextel Diecast Collecting

This complexity in NASCAR races means there's more complexity in collecting NASCAR diecast models. Personally, I find this complexity is what makes model car collecting more interesting. While some purists don't like comparing Winston championships with Nextel championships, it just opens up the field for collecting. A car used in a Nextel Cup is going to be different than a Winston Cup, meaning a collector has more options.

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