Porsche Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Replacement Porsche convertible tops are available for all models of Porsche convertible cars. You can often find replacement tops in more materials options than the original cars, as well, including different vinyl options and canvas options as well. Though early Porsche convertible tops may be difficult to find, tops for most Porsches that were produced from the late-60s on are readily available from many retail locations.

The most common classic Porsche convertible tops available may be for Porsche's Cabriolet and 356 lines. The traditional material for Porsche Cabriolets is a German fabric called "Allwetter." As an alternative, many manufactures offer three kinds of fabric top, including two American-made canvases. Both Stayfast and Sonnendeck canvas are viable options, due to their good strength ratings and styling.

German-made Sonnenland canvas may be many classic Porsche owners' preference. It is stronger than both American canvas options, and has a herringbone-patterned weave on the interior lining that is used commonly on BMW and Mercedes cars. Sonnenland tops for Porsche Cabriolets and 356s are commonly available in four colors.

Replacement Porsche Convertible Tops for Recent Models

Later Porsche convertible tops, such as those for `80s 911s and Carreras were originally made from Sonnenland cloth. Recent Boxster convertibles are built from a cloth called A-5 that is similar to Sonnenland, but slightly silkier. Replacement tops for Boxsters are available in the original A-5 canvas as well as American-made Stayfast and Sonnendeck canvases.

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