Replacement Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are many different options available for those who are shopping for replacement convertible tops. In some cases, exact replacements for worn convertible tops are available directly from the automaker. Many times, however, it is more affordable to buy an aftermarket top from a convertible top specialist.

Not only can many aftermarket manufactures provide cheaper replacement convertible tops than most automakers, but they also generally produce the tops in a wider variety of colors and materials. Commonly, replacement tops are available in either canvas or vinyl, though many original tops may be available in only one or the other. Many times, vinyl options will come in a range of textures, including Pinpoint, Cabrio, or Sailcloth.

American and European Replacement Convertible Tops

Original factory tops for many American automobiles are made of the exact same materials as many of the currently available replacement tops. This is especially true of recent cars, but classic Mustangs and convertibles use many of the same fabrics as cars today. While the interior structure of the tops have modernized to include rubber cores, cotton interiors, and new attachment mechanisms, the exterior fabric of many tops hasn't changed too much.

Classic European autos are sometimes harder to find replacement convertible tops for. Especially for early Porsche convertibles and similar cars that used customized limited-run fabrics, such as Allwetter in the early Porsche Cabriolets. In place of such materials, many manufacturers offer other modern European fabrics, such as Sonnenland canvas, or American versions, such as The Haartz Corporation's Sonnendeck fabric.

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