Revell Model Cars

Written by Henry Baum
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Revell is a model company which specializes in aircraft, military vehicles, and racing cars. They are one of the best known model-makers in the business--offering both pre-made cars and building kits. When buying a gift, you will want to find out if a model car is pre-assembled or if there is assembly required. You also have to know what the recipient actually wants.

If someone asks for a model car, this could actually mean he wants a pre-assembled collectible, in which case he might be fairly disappointed that he receives a car in a hundred pieces. This goes both ways--he might also be disappointed if he can't put the car together. Revell makes both types, so you should make absolutely certain.

Pre-assembled or Assembled Model Cars

The hobbyists who like to assemble model cars are in a different camp than those who collect assembled cars. This is not to say that there's not cross-over between the two--but people usually like one or the other. Those who prefer to assemble the cars themselves often consider the assembly process a main hobby. The pre-assembled fans are often more interested in the sport of racing itself, and enjoy collecting merely for its own sake.

Keep in mind that the quality of construction for an assembly kit is much different than a diecast model. Most assembly kits use simple modeling glue meant for plastic parts. Diecast models are hard and durable. Simple modeling glue would be insufficient to put them together. This may be the main thing that separates the two camps--some hobbyists like the craft of putting together a model, while others enjoy the lifelike durability.

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