Rusty Wallace Merchandise

Written by Henry Baum
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Rusty Wallace now drives a #2 Dodge with sponsorship by Miller Lite. In 2000, during one of his most successful years, he drove a Ford Taurus, still with a #2. If you are a true racing fan and model car collector, it isn't enough to get the current car of a driver, but all of the cars through a racer's history.

This can be dozens of cars--maybe you'll be able to find a driver's mini-sprint cars as well as full-sized. Certainly a driver is going to have different endorsements. You can tell how well-established a driver is by the number of endorsements he has. Miller Lite is a huge endorsement, but Wallace's cars did not always boast the tag.

Collecting Diecast Cars

This may be the core reason that diecast model cars provide for such a satisfying hobby. Each year there may be a difference in a racer's car. It's like the difference between the 1998 Yankees and the 2004 Yankees--each year has a different feel. Some of the most collectible cars are those that represent a winning year, such as a model from 1989, the year of Wallace's NASCAR Champion title.

There's an endless number of possibilities--type of car, year issued, and number of endorsements. There's no reason to stop with one car by one driver. You want a complete representation of what a driver has brought to the track. Randy Wallace's rookie year car is going to look entirely different from his current car. This goes the same for every other driver, and the continued collecting opportunities may be the reason why diecast models are so popular.

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