Ryan Newman Merchandise

Written by Henry Baum
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For someone who's only been on the circuit a few years, Ryan Newman is one of NASCAR's most accomplished drivers. He's already built up a list of wins that would be impressive over an entire career--and he's only just begun. In 2003, Newman recorded 11 pole positions--the most since 1985.

The pole position is the first place on the starting grid--the most advantageous place to start a race. You can only earn a pole position through qualifying runs. They are as coveted as wins themselves, and usually a pole position is only the territory of accomplished veteran drivers. As a result, Ryan Newman has a lot of respect around the NASCAR circuits--the variety of merchandise featuring this driver displays this level of respect of support.

Driver of the Year

In 2003, Ryan Newman deservedly won Driver of the Year, an award given by the National Motorsports Press Association and the Daytona Beach News Journal. As if that weren't enough, he also was awarded Rookie of the Year. Basically, he had the kind of freshman year that people dream about. Most drivers and fans wouldn't believe it unless they saw it happen.

It makes sense that he should be so successful--he comes from the heart of racing country--Indiana. He says he sat in his first race car at only four and a half. He went on to win Midget championships as well as Midget Rookie of the Year, before making the leap to full-size cars and the astounding success he has achieved so far. Even though he is a relatively new driver, his merchandise, such as model cars, is becoming collectible. People seem to sense that Newman will do big things, and dedicated collectors want to get in on the ground floor, so to speak.

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