Saab Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The Saab 900 with a Saab convertible top has been considered a classic among fans almost since its introduction in the mid-1980s. It has become a mainstay in the Saab line, and the only convertible consistently offered by Saab. Because it is so popular, and because it is a relatively new car, replacement Saab convertible tops are comparably easy to find.

Many convertible top manufactures produce Saab convertible tops in a wider variety of colors and materials than was originally available to Saab buyers. The original top was covered in Sonnenland canvas, a German-made fabric that is used extensively by BMW and Mercedes. Sonnenland is desirable because of its very high wear rating for convertible top cloth, beating out many similar American offerings.

Sonnenland can be cost-prohibitive, however. For Saab owners who are looking for a less expensive alternative, The Haartz Corporation produces Sailcloth vinyl and Stayfast canvas, which both make acceptable alternative to Sonnenland. Sailcloth vinyl is a type of vinyl that is detailed to look like canvas. It is used in the manufacture of many American convertible tops, including those for modern Mustangs.

Saab Convertible Tops and Rear Curtains

Saab convertible tops usually come in two pieces, the main top and the rear curtain. Most convertible top manufacturers offer the pieces to be purchased either separately or together. Tops made of Sonnendeck canvas can be perfectly color-matched to existing rear curtains, but some front sections made of other materials may not perfectly match the existing rear portion of the car.

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From mid 1980s the Saab 900

From mid 1980s the Saab 900 with a Saab convertible top has been considered a classic among fans. As we know Saab is a beautiful,classic,luxurious and stylish invention so, for this car to run smoothly we have to maintain this car and have to repair it from good repair centers. .
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