Scott Wimmer Collectibles

Written by Henry Baum
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Scott Wimmer, in the CAT car, is a relative newcomer to NASCAR. Having worked his way to the top, he finally got his break in 2003, taking Ward Burton's place in the elite series. Wimmer and his team are hoping that his all-around experience will lead him to some major victories, and if so, the value of any Wimmer collectibles will likely skyrocket. He can definitely be considered one to watch.

NASCAR is growing. You can see this is in the number of new websites, clubs, and the overall number of people watching races on TV. The death of Dale Earnhardt was a great blow to NASCAR but there was a silver lining--it brought national attention to the sport. The prominence of NASCAR has been rising ever since.

A 2.4 billion dollar television package led to Winston Cup races being put on the major networks. As a result, the TV audience has grown by 20 percent. Other sports have not had this good fortune. The ratings for Monday Night Football have gone down due to competition from pro wrestling. Major League Baseball has certainly had its ups and downs as well. In an age of sports strikes, NASCAR drivers continue to appreciate having the opportunity to simply race--a quality many fans appreciate.


NASCAR is most popular in the South and the Midwest, but with its new growth, it is breaking beyond these boundaries. One of the reasons for this is the Internet. Fans in other parts of the country don't have to wait for NASCAR events to come on TV--they can access NASCAR information all the time.

Part of the reason that NASCAR is so popular in the South is because Southerners don't have to travel very far for a race--most tracks are in the South, including Daytona and Darlington. Even though the Internet is not a true live experience, it can still put fans in touch with the sport. As more race tracks get built in places like Las Vegas, the national interest in NASCAR is going to grow even more.

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