Sebring Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The original Chrysler Sebring convertible top is a classic American convertible top made from Chrysler's own Sailcloth vinyl material. Sailcloth vinyl tops are made from strong, dependable vinyl imprinted with a canvas like texture. They are supremely easy to maintain, but have the look of rich canvas tops.

The European version of the Sebring, called the Chrysler Stratus, sometimes featured a canvas top. The top was made from American Sonnendeck canvas, a style of fabric that imitates German Sonnenland cloth. Sonnendeck has a good wear rating, and Sonnendeck Sebring convertible tops feature an interior cotton lining that has a herringbone, or "dobby" weave pattern.

The Sebring Convertible Top's Rear Window Section

Like many American convertibles, Sebring convertible tops come in two parts: a main top portion and a rear window section. With most convertible top manufacturers, it is possible to order each section independently as needed, and only order both sections for a full top restoration. The rear window section contains a glass window built into the convertible top.

The window is made of tinted glass and can be connected to a defroster. In many cases, you can also remove the glass rear window and have it reinstalled in the new top. Alternatively, a less expensive plastic rear window replacement is available for purchase.

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