Soft Top Replacement

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are many soft top replacement options for owners of convertible cars. Usually, there are more options for replacement tops than manufacturers make available during the initial run of the car. The additional options usually include materials and color options, and occasionally, new options for the rear window.

In most cases, manufacturers will offer both a canvas replacement top and a vinyl replacement top. If the original top was a vinyl top, some manufacturers may produce tops in alternate styles of vinyl. For example, late 1960s Mustangs were originally produced in pinpoint vinyl, but both sailcloth vinyl tops and canvas tops are currently available.

Soft Top Replacement Using Authentic Materials

For many tops, especially for American cars, the soft top replacements can be made in the exact same fabric as the original tops. Many American automakers use materials that are manufactured by The Haartz Corporation, a company that also sells materials to replacement and aftermarket top manufacturers. Pinpoint vinyl, Stayfast canvas, and Sailcloth vinyl are all used extensively in many American convertible tops.

Soft top replacements that use original fabrics are also available for many European cars. Occasionally, though, some tops use limited fabrics that are no longer available. This is especially true for classic European roadsters, such as early Porsche convertibles.

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