Targa Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Among the different designs of convertible roofs that are currently available, the targa top design is one of the more simple tops designs. Targa tops are removable sections of a car's roof, and making the car somewhere between a hard top and a soft, truly convertible top car. Many American cars use this method, as well as Porsche cars and some Japanese convertibles.

If you are in the market for a new targa top, there are a few options available. Many replacement tops are available from quality manufacturers at competitive prices. They are often made from the same material as the originals, and include all new padding and weather seals.

Skin Replacement on Targa Tops

Raw fabric, or skin, for self-replacements is also available. While replacing the cover fabric on a targa top can be difficult, many manufacturers may offer detailed instructions on how to perform the replacement. Another resource for top replacement information is automotive-centered technical sites on the Internet. Many times, the sites include multiple articles that document the process, as well as pictures, diagrams, and references to fabric, foam, or top vendors.

Another option is to enlist the help of a professional technician. Many times, technicians can use specialty tools to give the top a seamless appearance, and restore any damaged components to their original state. They also may be able to offer you more choices in fabrics that are otherwise available.

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Targa top for MGB

Do you know where I can purchase a Targa top for my MGB roadster? Thank you!