Tony Stewart Merchandise

Written by Henry Baum
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Tony Stewart is the bad boy of racing. Every sport needs one, and car racing has gotten plenty of them. Being the baddest of the bad boys is quite an achievement, and it's also made Stewart one of racing's most recognizable personalities. The main reason is that he walks the walk, as well as talks the talk. By 2004 he had 12 wins, 40 top five finishes, and 66 top ten finishes.

It's not just that he is rowdy when he's off the track; he brings that rowdiness to his racing style as well. As much as it can seem reckless at times, people respect that Tony Stewart is the real thing, with the skill to back up his antics on the track. Most people like sports heroes to be characters in addition to delivering on the field, and Tony Stewart delivers in both respects.

His orange number 20 Home Depot car may be the most recognizable car on the circuit. My sister-in-law loves Tony Stewart so much that she only shops at Home Depot for hardware. Tony Stewart inspires that kind of fanaticism. People dislike him for his tantrums, but more people love him for his volatility.

Tony Stewart's Style

His volatility translates to the racetrack, where he's had a number of near collisions with top drivers such as Jeff Gordon. Fortunately, nothing really bad has happened, but anyone will admit that it makes for exciting racing. If you get a diecast car in that blazing shade of orange, you'll be getting a car from a truly unique racer--someone who is as notorious as he is successful. As his star rises, so will the value of the model car.

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