Vw Cabriolet Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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VW Cabriolet tops use a patterned vinyl that was unique to them. Now known as Cabrio Vinyl, it is a lightly textured vinyl that is similar to pigskin in some respects. It has a small, tight grain, which gives it a very solid look.

Replacement VW Cabriolet tops are often available in the original material and color choices. Quality Cabrio tops also include other original touches, such as the "rain guide" seams and reinforced quarter sections. Replacement headliners, padding, and cables are also available, in original materials such as German horsehair padding.

For many models, VW Cabriolet tops also fit VW rabbits. Although Rabbit convertibles that were produced before the mid-1980s has tops made of pinpoint vinyl, Cabrio vinyl tops integrate well with the body of many early Rabbits. Cabriolet tops are also available in Stayfast canvas, which has a higher wear rating than vinyl.

Replacing VW Cabriolet Tops

If you're replacing an old Cabrio convertible top, you may be interested in saving the rear window glass, the cables, and possibly even the padding. Some replacement cables may damage the top if they are not sheathed correctly. Many top manufacturers and convertible specialty stores stock replacement cables, and they may offer some kind of package deal for those who want to perform complete Cabrio top restoration.

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