Waterproof Seat Cover

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A waterproof seat cover offers your Jeep an added buffer against rain and other elements. If you've already bought your Jeep, you probably have big plans that include venues such as beaches, ravines, mountain passes, and snowy hills. And if you plan to ride with your top down--one of the major attractions of a Jeep in the first place--your interior will be exposed to whatever nature offers up.

Fabric seats absorb and retain moisture, and over time can begin to fall apart. One solution is to install a whole new set of neoprene seats, which many accessories dealers offer. But that's often too impractical and expensive. The next best thing is a waterproof seat cover for your driver- and passenger-side seats.

Go Hog Wild Once You've Put in Your Waterproof Seat Cover

With a rain and snow buffer for your Jeep seat, you can tackle the gnarliest of trails with confidence. Even if sticks, brush, bugs, and other flying debris end up all over you, you need only hit the shower (and, well, maybe the car wash too). But your upholstery will remain intact as your neoprene protection fends off scratches, holes, and moisture.

People buy Jeeps for their ruggedness and durability and subject their exteriors to all sorts of horrors. But too often, these same owners neglect their interiors and let the elements do to them what they may. This is, after all, where you sit; as much as you want your Jeep Rubicon, SE, or Sport to look fantastic, it's far more important that you feel comfortable behind the wheel. With the proper Jeep accessories, you get the peace of mind that your rig can handle even the most intimidating conditions.

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