Wide-body Kits

Written by Lacy Carter
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Are you looking to completely change the look your vehicle? Wide-body kits may be the answer for you. These kits will dramatically change the lines of your vehicle and create a completely different style than its stock configuration. You can really highlight the change by adding a car spoiler and new car rims along with your new kit.

Wide-body kits are a special type of ground effects kit. These kits are not as focused on adding down force and enhancing the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Wide-body kits are ideal for drivers who want to use their cars at shows rather than on the track.

Wide-Body Kits Are Subject To Highly Stressful Road Conditions!

It is always best to purchase exterior car accessories made from quality materials and this is especially true for wide-body kits. Body panels in wide-body kits do not receive as much structural support from the car frame as more aerodynamic types. Make sure to select a product made of urethane. This will allow the panels to flex as the car traverses speed bumps or potholes.

Unless you have experience installing after market body kits it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a local professional. Since most reputable vendors sell their components unpainted you will at least need to find a shop to paint the components. Find someone that has specific experience installing wide-body kits, not a general body shop. This will save you money in the long run and ensure that your kit is properly installed.

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