Z3 Fenders

Written by Lacy Carter
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The Z3 roadster is one of the most exciting cars on the road. This vehicle combines speed and performance with BMW luxury. There are numerous new after market modifications for your Z3 including fenders, car spoilers and ground effects kits.

Make Your Z3 Perfect In Every Way!

The Z3 is a stylish and formidable driving machine. However, critics of the vehicle complain about its lackluster side appearance. After market Z3 fenders are a great solution! Many such products exist and will make every part of your Z3 perfect.

Most Z3 fenders will be made of urethane, carbon fiber or fiberglass. These materials are very strong and flexible. Z3 fenders composed of quality materials such as these will last for years to come. Due to the close proximity of fenders to the road it is critical that highly durable materials are used which can stand up to the dings and mishaps of everyday driving.

After spending a lot of money on your Z3 you should seriously consider professional installation of your new fenders. Most reputable vendors sell their car body components either primed or gel coated. This will allow your local body shop to paint the fenders any color, to exactly match your car.

If you are selecting a local company to install your Z3 fender make sure they have at least one year of experience with installing after market parts. Experienced shops may charge more per hour but will take far less time resulting in a lower cost. You will also be assured of a quality installation that will stand up to the rigors of driving.

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