Cheap Used Cars

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Sometimes when you're looking for a used car or truck, you focus only on the cheap used cars or used trucks. You don't think you can afford anything better. But if you follow a few tips, you may free up some money from the deal making process that you can use for your new car.

First of all, plan the purchase. Don't wait until your old clunker is about to die before you go out to look for another used car. You'll be desperate and more likely to take the first used car that looks like the best buy. Instead, plan your purchase at least six months in advance.

Get your credit rating, and try to clean up your credit score. Give yourself six months of on-time payments if your score is weak. Arrange a loan from your own bank or credit union to pay off your existing car. You'll get a much better deal on your trade-in, and your new loan won't be saddled with paying off the old car.

Resources For Cheap Used Cars Online

Don't negotiate for a monthly payment, negotiate for a fixed final price of the vehicle. Bring your calculator. And even better, do your research on the Internet, so that what seems like a great cheap used car isn't riddled with problems. You can get a free vehicle history report from the Internet, which will tell you about any problems your used car has had.

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