Fuel Economy : What You Need To Know

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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Improving the fuel economy of your vehicle is an important part of being a responsible consumer.

There are many reasons to cite, for putting a bit of energy towards, conserving energy. As we have learned in the past few years, we are depleting this planet's resources at an alarming rate. Maintaining and operating your motor vehicle wisely is now mandatory, in order to be a respectful member of the global community.

You can save hundreds of dollars each year on fuel, by keeping your vehicle in good working order. First of all, the choice of vehicles is critical. Get yourself a fuel-efficient car and you're already doing a good deed for the environment and spending less on fuel. Make sure your vehicle is adequately tuned. That includes the regular replacement of air filters, and properly inflated tires. Is your car passing the emissions test? All of these things affect your car's mpg.

Did you realize that poor driving habits can also reduce good gas mileage? Sitting in your car while the engine is running for longs periods of time, wastes gas. Excessive speed, sudden braking and acceleration will also contribute to greater consumption.

If we use less gas, we can lessen our dependence upon foreign oil. Over 50% of our oil comes from the Middle East and each year we are paying more for it. With less demand, we can become more self-sufficient. Hopefully new fuel technologies will be refined in the near future, which will replace the necessity of using expensive fossil fuels.

Finally, we can exercise a positive effect upon the environment by reducing greenhouse gases and aiding in the slowdown of global warming, by driving more efficient, cleaner vehicles.

Think small, think hybrid. The important thing is to start thinking about how to economize and burn less fuel. It might even be possible to drive less and walk more!

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