Selling Used Cars In Dallas

Written by Tara Peris
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Selling used cars in Dallas is not as easy as it used to be. With car dealerships on every lot and a host of competitive leasing options, it takes real skill to close a deal on a used car these days. While many choose to sell to a used car lot (you can usually get a fair deal for very little work), others choose to sell the vehicles on their own. In order to meet with success, you must take the time to learn a thing or two about effective bargaining.

Whether you sell your car to a private party, a used car lot, or a major dealership, you can expect there to be some haggling involved. The key is to use the flexibility inherent in the bargaining process to your advantage. This means understanding the various influences at play when interacting with potential buyers.

Becoming a Shrewd Negotiator

Every buyer wants to be heard. Thus, you should always begin by listening. Answer questions honestly and do not attempt to use a high-pressure sales pitch. This is bad enough at the major dealerships; no one wants it when buying a used car. Let the buyer examine the car and be the first one to place an offer.

No matter what the offer, take a moment or two to look like you are considering it seriously. This applies both to egregiously low offers as well as pleasantly high ones. Make a counter offer only if you are bargaining within your target price range. If an offer is too far below your ideal asking price, take a moment to appear to consider it, and then graciously decline.

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