Used 4x4 Truck

Written by Abby Luttrell
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All the most popular kinds of 4x4 trucks can be found for sale on the Internet. If you're scouting for a used car or truck, you'll find variety and value on the web. One of the most popular used 4x4 truck is the Toyota Tacoma. At 142 HP, this speedy little workhorse has great marks for longevity and durability. It's bigger cousin, the Toyota Tundra, has more power under the hood with a 190 HP V-6 engine.

Toyota's big competition for most popular used pickup truck is the Dodge Ram. The Ram was introduced in 1994. It was designed to be the pickup truck's answer to the big rig--with greater hauling power and towing power than had ever been conceived in a pickup truck. You can get the Ram with a 3.7L V-6 engine with 215 HP, or go for the 2500 with 345 HP.

Makes and Models of Used 4x4 Trucks

Used truck sales of Chevy Silverados have also gone through the roof. After all, Car and Driver magazine has reported that pickups and 4x4s are the most popular selling vehicle in America. The Silverado has four wheel drive, a brawny 16" wheel span, but a new maneuverability with the Quadrasteer system. Quadrasteer reduces the turning radius by 20%.

The Ford Ranger is a sporty little pickup with 143 HP and a great fuel economy. It's overshadowed in size by the Ford F-150 and F-250 pickups. These 4x4s range from 202 HP to a 260 HP V-8 engine in the Ford F-350. There are great deals on used 4x4 trucks on the web now, and insurance and financing can also be arranged on the Internet.

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