Used Toyota Truck

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Toyota trucks have won awards as the top performers in their class. These trucks and 4x4s are heavy and durable, with plenty of horsepower for hauling. Used Toyota trucks are a great buy, getting high marks for low maintenance and engine durability.

Used Toyota 4x4 Trucks

The Tacoma is a pickup with a 142 HP, four cylinder engine. It's got a five speed manual transmission. The Tacoma has steel wheels with a radius of 15".

The Toyota Tundra is more powerful, with a 190 HP V-6 engine. The Tundra also has a five speed manual transmission with overdrive. Wheel radius on the Tundra is 16".

These used trucks are at the top of their class for fuel economy. When you're shopping for a used Toyota, don't overlook the Toyota SUVs, the Sequoia and the Sienna, both with over 200 HP. The best used car dealerships are on the web, and a recommended website will allow you to get the best price for a used Toyota truck.

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