Used Truck Sales

Written by Abby Luttrell
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The best used truck sales are on the Internet. On a recommended website you can see pictures of all makes and models of used trucks, and take your time to find out what you want. There's a large variety of outstanding trucks available, as well as SUVs, vans, and 4x4s.

Used Truck Sales--The Popular Models

One of the most popular used trucks for sale is the Dodge Ram. You can buy a Dodge Ram 1500, with 215 HP, or go for the heftier 2500, with 345 HP and a V-8 engine. You can choose automatic or five speed manual transmission with overdrive.

The Ram's big competition is the Chevy Avalanche. The Avalanche is a pickup with SUV power--a 8.1L V-8 engine with 320 HP. The Chevy Avalanche comes in the 1500 or 2500 model. Another popular used Chevrolet is the Silverado. This 4x4 comes in a 200 HP version, and on up, depending on how much power and hauling capacity you need.

Ford's used trucks for sale are the rugged F-150 and F-250 series. The F-150 has a 202 HP V-6 engine, while the double-cab F-250 has more muscle under the hood, with a 260 HP V-8 engine. While looking at used Fords, don't forget the sporty Ranger, a pickup with real fuel economy. It's got a 143 HP 4 cylinder engine, and a 15" steel wheel radius.

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