Covert Vehicle Tracking

Written by Wes Farrell
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Does the idea of being like a spy and installing covert vehicle tracking devices on your car appeal to you? If so, one of the coolest units I've found for this are the Discrete Wireless global positioning systems. These can be installed on a car without the driver knowing, and allow you to see exactly where they are.

Why would you need a covert vehicle tracking device? Well, what if you suspected your wife or husband of cheating? Installing one of these on their car would let you see if they really are at work working late, or if they're at someone else's house. This could really help you out and help save you a lot of hurt, time, and possibly even money.

Other Uses for the GPS Unit

It doesn't just need to be used for spying on people, a GPS unit could be installed on the car for when your kids use it as well. If the kids want to borrow the car with a GPS unit on it, they wouldn't be going places where they shouldn't be, and you'd know exactly where they are. This is a good way to keep them in line!

I recently helped my father purchase a GPS unit, and so far he loves it! We decided on one of the dashboard models with a nice big color screen and he couldn't be happier with it. He used it on a vacation he took with my mom and they used it a lot, and it saved them a lot of time and prevented them from getting in fights!

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