Fleet Management System

Written by Wes Farrell
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A lot of companies now are installing fleet management system units on their trucks. Their reason for doing this is to keep an eye on what each of the trucks is doing. A lot of money is lost every year by employees using the vehicles for things that they shouldn't be used for, and installing vehicle tracking devices can help solve this problem.

After installing a fleet management system and alerting the employees about it, I'm sure that will be on their best behavior from now on. Although you don't have to be watching over them all of the time, just having them know that you could possibly be checking up on them will keep them in line and prevent them from doing things they shouldn't.

What About Cars?

If you drive a car and don't have a fleet of trucks, there's also many different models and styles of GPS units available for purchase. My father recently bought a Marcus GPS, which I helped install on his dashboard. He loves it and it has come in very handy for him. I had the chance to play around with it and it seems like a great unit.

Not all GPS units need to be installed in an automobile though. There's also hand held models that are available for people who are outdoors a lot. Hikers and mountain bikers could really benefit from having one of these in their back packs. If you got lost without one of these, I feel sorry for you! These GPS units can literally be life savers!

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