Written by Wes Farrell
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Geotab is the latest computer and satellite system for tracking vehicles. It is designed specifically for small and large businesses that want to know where their cars and trucks are at all times. This system saves a lot of time and money to companies that have to monitor their fleet.

Geotab works to help you gain control over your vehicles and drivers. You now can monitor their every location and track their routes without relying on the information they give you. You have constant satellite tracking of your vehicles as long as you are part of this service.

How Geotab Works

The way it works is that you are going to have a Geotab touchkey housing unit installed in the vehicle. The only way the vehicle can start is by an authorized holder of a touchkey. Once they have entered the key, their information is recorded into the database and stored.

The database will also store driver identification, vehicle identification, position and route of the vehicle, time and distance traveled. This will help you prevent any unauthorized usage and routes by your drivers. You will know who went, where they went and when they went. Finding out why is up to you.

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