Geotab System

Written by Wes Farrell
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Along with Travel Eyes and Discrete Wireless, another one of the large global positioning systems is the Geotab system. This is another vehicle tracking system that I've heard my friends mention that their employer uses. Construction companies and big companies that make deliveries and have a fleet of trucks use these systems to keep track of their trucks.

I've read about about the Geotab system, and it seems to be pretty cool. Having employees know that they're being monitored even when they're out on the road will keep them from slacking off. I've read reports from some customers who've said they've saved tons of money on gas every month due to the employees staying on track with their driving.

Practical Uses for GPS

Purchasing one of these fleet tracking systems isn't really practical for a family, but having one for the family car would be a good idea. If my father had one on the car when I was learning to drive, I never would have taken my friends out of town and things like that. It could be a good way to prevent kids from going places they shouldn't.

Not all GPS systems are for cars though. They also make small hand held devices that can be easily thrown in a back pack if you're going to be out hiking. In my research about GPS units I've read quite a few stories about how they've saved peoples lives. GPS units may seem like a novelty, but once you have one you'll wonder how you got by without one.

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