Global Positioning Systems

Written by Wes Farrell
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Global positioning systems have revolutionized navigation, and now they can revolutionize the way you do business. If you oversee a fleet of cars or trucks, GPS tracking technology can provide a detailed, real time account of vehicle activity. You'll never lose track of a vehicle again.

How GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Help Your Business

Global positioning systems analyze signals from a network of satellites to determine a user's longitude and latitude. So a GPS unit installed in a truck can determine that truck's location, and then calculate its speed, updating this information as it changes over time. Transmitting this data to a receiving unit at your office can leave you with a detailed record of that truck's activity.

So you can notice if one of your drivers is speeding, and tell him to slow down via cell phone. Or, if a driver is late to arrive at her destination, you can instantly tell if she took a wrong turn or just got delayed. Whatever happens to any of your drivers will be displayed right there in front of you.

Global Positioning Systems for Navigation

In addition to helping you monitor your drivers, global positioning systems can help your drivers stay on course. Install navigational units with GPS Magellan technology, along with tracking devices, in a truck, and the driver can view his exact location on a map of the surrounding area. Whether used for tracking or navigation, GPS technology can improve your company's performance.

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