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Written by Wes Farrell
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About a month or two ago when my wife and I were in the market for a Marcus GPS, we had to go online for a GPS store. It turns out that GPS tracking systems aren't very popular in our rural country town, because no one here sells them in their stores! Believe it or not, some people had no idea what they were!

It's because of this kind of ignorance that forced my wife and I to look online for information and for a good GPS store where we could get a nice global positioning system for our car. We're avid hikers and we drive cross-country quite often, so getting a GPS unit is something that we could benefit from. It's actually something we should have gotten a long time ago!

Research Your Purchase Online

Before my wife and I committed to a particular unit and model, we wanted to do a lot of research online. There are my different styles of units and many different features. Researching online can help you see what kinds of products are out there, and help you narrow down your selection to one with all the features that you need.

It took us an hour or so to find the perfect model for us, and we placed an order for it online. We've been very happy with the purchase so far, and during our adventures it has come in very handy. A GPS unit is one of those things where once you have it you wonder how you ever got by in your life without one! They're not just for the military anymore!

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