Marcus Gps

Written by Tom Powell
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Marcus GPS is the newest line of tracking systems offered by GPS. It is a real time system that updates you on where your vehicles are every five minutes. This means that you can always know where your vehicles are at all times.

Marcus GPS Is Satellite Based

Since this system tracks the vehicles by satellite, you are going to know exactly where they are at all times. There is no hiding or avoiding these tracking devices so you are assured of accurate information. It is always nice to have an eye way in the sky watching over you.

The Marcus GPS system comes with many features that keep your logistics simple. You will get reports including speed, times, mapping and vehicle alerts. It is all available for you to view online for your convenience.

This system is designed for smaller fleets that do not necessarily need to have mobile wireless connectivity. Instead, you will be paying a low airtime charge and have great knowledge of where your vehicles are. It is the affordable and efficient way to control your fleet.

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