Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Written by Dan Mintz
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If you install GPS tracking technology in a vehicle, you can monitor its location and speed from your home or office. With many systems, however, if you want to access a driver's activity, you'll need to wait until she finishes driving to find out where she's been, by downloading information from the GPS unit to your computer. This is fine for many applications, but if you want real time vehicle tracking, you'll need a more sophisticated system.

Like any vehicle tracking equipment, a real time vehicle tracking system uses signals from a network of 24 satellites to determine a vehicle's location and speed. Instead of merely recording this information to be accessed at a later time, however, real time GPS units actually transmit the data to a receiver in your home or office, so you can see what your driver is doing at that very moment.

Who Should Buy Real Time Vehicle Tracking Systems?

With real time vehicle tracking systems, you maintain a constant level of control over your fleet of vehicles. As soon as you see a driver has gone past the speed limit, you can contact him, suggesting a slower rate of travel. When you see a driver go off her standard route, you can call and find out what's going on.

Since real time vehicle tracking systems are more expensive than simpler technology, however, consider whether it's something you really need. For many applications, passive tracking technology works just as well. Even if you can't monitor a driver's activity as he drives, downloading, at a later time, a record of where he went will still help you improve performance and efficiency.

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