Travel Eyes 2

Written by Wes Farrell
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Travel Eyes 2 is a popular and inexpensive alternative for those who crave the power of vehicle tracking but balk at its expense. If you run a business and need to keep track of hundreds of trucks, it's easy to find the overhead to install the latest cutting edge system. But for the individual or small business owner on a budget, Travel Eyes 2 can be a much better investment.

If you let someone else drive your car or truck, install a Travel Eyes 2 unit in the vehicle, and it will use GPS tracking technology to keep a record of that vehicle's speed and location. Once you get your car or truck back, it's easy to download this information to your computer, and you can see everywhere the driver went (and how fast she drove).

Use Travel Eyes 2 at Work and at Home

Travel Eyes 2 is great for an individual who needs to keep tabs on someone. Whether you're an amateur private detective, or just a concerned parent with a rebellious teenager, Travel Eyes 2 can make your life easier. But it also is a great investment for many businesses that need to oversee a fleet of vehicles.

While some companies prefer the more expensive real time tracking systems, which actually transmit a vehicle's location and speed to a receiver in your office so you can watch where your drivers go as they drive, Travel Eyes 2 is more than adequate for many small businesses. If your employees know you will download a record of all their activity and reprimand them for reckless driving or not going where they were supposed to, it's easy to motivate them toward safer and more efficient performance.

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