Vehicle Tracking Services

Written by Dan Mintz
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Do you manage a company that relies on a fleet of cars or trucks to carry out its business plan? Do you have trouble keeping track of all your vehicles? Are you looking for ways to make the process more efficient? If so, vehicle tracking services may be the answer to your prayers.

Vehicle tracking services can also come in handy for personal use. Instead of tracking a whole fleet of trucks for your company, maybe you just want to see where your teenager goes at night. Or maybe you need information about someone and don't want to spend a fortune hiring a private detective to follow him. Whatever your reason, if you want to keep tabs on where a car or truck goes, vehicle tracking services can give you all the information you need.

How Vehicle Tracking Services Can Monitor Vehicle Activity

Vehicle tracking devices have two parts. An onboard GPS unit, installed in a car or truck, receives satellite signals and analyzes them to determine the vehicle's location. It can also calculate the vehicle's speed. As it updates this information over time, the unit pieces together an exact record of the vehicle's travels.

The second part stays with you, to display the data calculated by the online unit. In real time vehicle tracking systems, the onboard device transmits this information immediately, so the display unit can tell you where the vehicle is right now. In the less expensive passive tracking systems, you later download data from the onboard unit to figure out where the vehicle has been. Both systems leave you with detailed accounts of vehicle activity.

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