Bmw Rentals

Written by Jill Morrison
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BMW rentals are some of the most popular types of luxury rental cars. They can be found at standard or luxury car rental dealerships. BMW makes many different models of vehicles, so you can find one that best suits your travel needs. You can choose between sedans, convertibles, sports cars, sports coupes, or sport utility vehicles that are made by BMW.

Finding BMW Rentals

You can find BMW rentals in various locations. The most common locations are vacation areas with a major airport and many hotels. Depending on the type of vacation you are taking, you can choose the appropriate model of BMW to rent. For example, you may want to rent a convertible for vacations in tropical areas, or a SUV for snowy vacations.

There are a few different options of models for BMW rentals. The BMW 3-Series, 5-Series, and 7-Series models are available as a luxury sedan or luxury sports sedan in up to 10 different trims. The power of the engine ranges according to the model you choose. You can also choose between a manual or automatic transmission.

The BMW 6-Series, Z4, and M3 are two door luxury sports cars. They are available in two trims, the coupe or convertible. The Z4 can hold 2 passengers, the 6-Series can hold four passengers, and the M3 can hold up to five passengers. All three models have powerful engines. If you are not looking for a sedan, sports car, or convertible, you may want to look at the X3 or the X5 which are BMW luxury sports utility vehicles.

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