Car Hire Alicante

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Car Hire Alicante to Tour Costa Blanca

Car hire Alicante takes you through one of Spain's most popular tourist areas, Costa Blanca. Warmed by the Mediterranean sun and cooled by the sea breezes, Alicante lies strategically between gorgeous sandy beaches and the inland mountains where vineyards produce fine wine. With an auto rental international, you can shuttle back and forth along roads bordered with vineyards, rice paddies, orchards, and orange groves.

Surprisingly, the Valencia region has developed industries that add to its reputation as a prosperous locale. Textiles, toys, and footwear are just some of the products the region is known for. During the Moorish occupation, a silk industry began, as did paper manufacturing and ceramics. The Moors were also responsible for establishing the complex irrigation systems that maintain Valencia's cultivation of oranges and rice.

Delicious Food

Here is where you go for paella! This rice dish is the epitome of exquisite cooking, and it has seemingly infinite variations that are known around the world. Although it is hard to turn out a really bad paella, you won't find it more delicately prepared than in the region of Valencia. Alicante, being on the shore, has the freshest seafood possible to use in the local paella.

International rental cars are the only way to go in a location with so much to see, so many beaches to lie on, so much wine to taste! A car hire Alicante will get you to the many, many fiestas in the Valencia region. Valencians are known for their love of music and fireworks, and they celebrate with abandon!

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