Car Hire Murcia

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Car Hire Murcia for Delicious Food Trips

Car hire Murcia is a pleasurable way to tour the fabled Costa Blanca of Spain. This small region has two enormous distinctions: sun and food. Although all southern Spain is notable for its wonderful weather, Murcia basks in the temperate Mediterranean climate that leads to its designation as "The Market Garden of Spain."

The Mar Menor, Little Sea, is a vast salt water lagoon that is the largest in Europe. The ancient people who invaded Spain--Romans, Visigoths, Moors--used the salt flats around this lagoon to extract salt to preserve fish, a practice that has become a modern industry. The intense sun of the inland areas of Murcia--take a wonderful drive in your auto rental international--help to produce the fine Jumilla wines that are world-renowned.

A Gastronomic Delight

Spanish regional cuisine is unrivalled for its originality and tastiness. Using seasonal and local produce and meat, the cooks of Murcia create delicious dishes. Murcia vegetables are famous for their intense flavor and rich color, and they appear in almost every Murcia dish. Dishes here are basically Mediterranean, and are based on grains, vegetables, olive oil, fish, and meat.

Your car hire Murcia can take you to the various restaurants to sample this wonderful food: fresh broad beans fried with onions, dry broad beans cooked in famous "michirones" (ham and chorizo stews), thistle in almond sauce, "zarangollo" (pumpkin, onion and tomato). The list of popular dishes seems endless, and includes rice with rabbit and snails; lamb chops dressed with garlic, vinegar and bay leaf; fish, game, partridge, and quail. International rental cars are the perfect way to pay a visit to as many restaurants and areas as possible!

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