Car Hire New Zealand

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Fabulous Car Hire New Zealand

Car hire New Zealand is the perfect way to experience this extraordinary country. From alpine mountains with great skiing to volcanos to water sports, New Zealand is a compact paradise. Drive a few miles and you are in a totally different terrain from the one you just left!

The New Zealanders have made it so easy! With touring highways providing access to the different regions, you'll have no trouble getting to the wine country, or the center of the Maori culture, or the spectacular gardens of the Taranaki and River Region. This is definitely a motoring country, so check into international car rentals as you are planning your New Zealand vacation. Always master the rules of the road in any country you drive in; in New Zealand, the most important rule is, drive on the left side of the road.

The Bridge to Nowhere

The North Island and South Island comprise this delightful country. Auckland is perhaps the most well-known city in the northern part, and it is the gateway for the many islands, bays, and saltwater activities that dominate the northern tip of the island. Take the Twin Coast Discovery Highway with car hire New Zealand to find snorkeling, surfing, sport fishing, and much more land and sea recreation.

The Great New Zealand Touring Route--New Zealand car hire again!--takes you through the Central Region, which offers a multitude of landscapes: mountains, geothermal locales, and rainforests. The Taranaki and River Region is truly breathtaking--wilderness, whitewater rafting on twisting rivers, and a snow-cone volcano. Try to find your way through the Goblin Forest on the slopes of Mount Taranaki, or view your awe-inspiring surroundings from the Bridge to Nowhere.

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