Car Hire Portugal

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Car Hire Portugal: Motoring in a Small Country

Car hire Portugal will let you visit this compact country at your leisure, for there are towns, sights, and beaches that are stunning for their beauty. Roads are good, but there are few superhighways; a 40-year dictatorship that ended in 1968 kept the country from modernizing many aspects of the economy and infrastructure. Nevertheless, the charming villages and customs of the people more than compensate for the lack of some amenities.

The Portuguese live life slowly and traditionally--folk dancing and festivals are common and the food is simple but delicious. It is also abundant and nourishing, with fish from the ocean, and fruit and vegetables from the countryside. Fortunately for the visitor, Portugal is an inexpensive country to live in and travel in--except for gasoline. Still, traveling in international car rentals is a most practicable method of transportation.

Beaches and Wheatfields

The history of Portugal was bound up in the sea for centuries, and exploration led to colonies being established in various parts of the world. The fado may have originated from the longing of 16th century sailors who were far from home. This melancholy music is a national treasure, and evokes strong emotions in listeners. Lisbon, the capital, is virtually on the ocean; its position on seven hills at the mouth of the Tejo (Tagus) River is spectacular.

Traveling inland in your car hire Portugal, Evora is a walled town near Lisbon set amid olive trees, vineyards, wheat fields, and flashy flowers. A must-see is the chapel made from the skeletons and skulls of thousands of people! Sintra is also near Lisbon and was a favorite summer retreat for Portuguese royalty and English nobility, such as Lord Byron. Lagos on the southern tip of Portugal is one of the country's most popular ocean resorts. All these wonderfully picturesque locales are within easy driving distance in your auto rental international.

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