Car Hire South Africa

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Car Hire South Africa to See the Sights

Car hire South Africa is yet another splendid opportunity to tour a fabulously scenic country. South Africa fairly cries out for motoring along its spectacular coast, stopping to engage in its many adventures along the way. As with many other countries, make sure you drive on the left side of the road!

In fact, cities are sparsely situated throughout this large country, so make sure you fill up your gas tank in major cities. Once you get on the highways, you will not come across a lot of gas stations. They are, however, open from 7AM to 7PM, with a few open 24 hours. You should obtain all relevant travel information from your auto rental international as you plan your trip, and be aware of special situations such as restricted travel to many surrounding countries.

Adventure on Water, in Air, on Land

Proud of its cultural, racial, and landscape diversity, South Africa provides opportunities to learn about the Nguni people (Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi), who constitute about 66% of the population. With 11 official languages, this country is truly a mixture of Africans, Afrikaners (Dutch origin), and other ethnic groups. Aside from the cultural contributions of each group, South Africa offers many wonderful experiences through international car rentals.

The beaches of this country are fabled--remember "Endless Summer" about the search for the perfect wave around the world? The coastline and surfing of South Africa were prominently featured. Flying schools can teach you how to fly gliders; you can go hanggliding, parasailing, skydiving, and hot air ballooning. There are snowboarding, skiing, sandboarding, treetopping and safaris. Wherever you go in your car hire South Africa, you will be likely to encounter South Africa's abundant wildlife--lions, elephants, cheetahs, giraffes.

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