Car Hire Spain

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Car Hire Spain for a Grand Tour

Car hire Spain will allow you to travel leisurely throughout one of the friendliest countries on earth. Famous for its inviting coastline and beaches, the Costa del Sol in the south is indeed the place of sunny weather. In the north, Espana verde, Green Spain, travel through the Basque countryside surrounded by lush forests.

The major superhighways are most likely toll roads, and all important roads are well maintained. Madrid, the capital, is the hub for an excellent system of roads. Travel will be easier on Americans in this country because you drive on the right side of the road. As with most countries around the world, international rental cars are available at airports and at local accommodations.

The Leisurely Lifestyle

Although "modern" work schedules are changing daily routines for Spaniards, they still tend to follow their traditional ways. A light breakfast is followed by a big lunch in early afternoon and a supper after 9PM. The afternoon was traditionally given over to conversation and relaxation, with workers returning to their jobs and owners re-opening their shops in late afternoon. If you drive to, and stay in, rural areas with your car hire Spain, you will find yourself falling into the rhythm of this leisurely world.

Bars in Spain, especially in smaller towns, are family social centers where children run in and out. Tapas, those delicious, small tidbits of food, are spread in dishes on the bar to accompany whatever refreshment the customer is drinking. Wine accompanies all meals but breakfast. This romantic country is the home of bullfighting, flamenco, and a history rich from invasions by Romans and Moors. The people are gracious, so take your auto rental international and enjoy their hospitality.

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