Car Rentals In Palm Beach

Written by Jill Morrison
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Palm Beach is a popular vacation destination. It has almost fifty miles of beautiful beaches, renowned restaurants, resorts, hotels, shopping and entertainment. To satisfy all visitors, there are many choices for car rentals in Palm Beach. The abundance of activity choices in the area makes renting a car a priority when planning a vacation.

Choosing Car Rentals in Palm Beach

Palm Beach has pleasant, mild temperatures year round. Therefore, choices are wide open for car rentals in Palm Beach. Convertibles, such as Corvette, BMW, and Porsche are popular. Compact cars, sedans and SUVs are also standard choices. A traveler's budget will probably determine the type of car to be rented. For any budget, the selections are plentiful.

Car rental services offer many options such as automatic or manual transmission. Personal preferences and budget should be considered. Some options chosen often are sun roofs, leather seats, and stereo systems. The ideal rental car will enhance the trip, providing worry-free transportation so that Palm Beach can be explored and enjoyed. While some choose to economize on a rental car, others upgrade to a car more luxurious than their own.

Standard contracts are often used for car rentals in Palm Beach. Drivers must be at least 25 years old and must have a valid driver's license. Cars may be rented for short term or long term periods. There are car rental services available at all major airports and at all major hotels. The State of Florida charges sales tax of 7 percent and a $2.05 road tax on all car rentals.

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