Cyprus Car Hire

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Cyprus Car Hire Takes You from Mountain to Sea

Cyprus car hire is the best way to leisurely explore this unique island with a 9,000-year history of occupation by seemingly every group around the Mediterranean. As a result, the buildings in the towns and villages represent the influence of the Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, and a number of other cultures. This island is divided between the Turkish north and the Greek south, and each section reflects the religion, celebrations, and cuisine of their respective occupiers. No Cyprus car hire can be taken into Turkish territory.

Touring in international rental cars permits you to stop and view the innumerable relics from the last centuries. There are Greek temples, Roman mosaic floors, 15th-century frescos, frescoed monasteries, and castles from the Crusades. Today, the northern Turkish section is renaming towns to reflect Turkish culture, and the people celebrate Muslim holidays. Easter is the big festivity in the Greek south, because in the Greek Orthodox religion, Easter is much more important than Christmas.

Attractions on the Island

The capital of Lefkosia (Nicosia) is also divided in two. You might start with the Lefkosia Museum, which shows the history of the city from prehistoric times and will help you understand the chaotic history of this small country. The old town is inside 16th-century Venetian walls. The Byzantine Museum has fascinating religious icons and mosaics.

Heading north in your auto rental international, you reach Kyrenia (Girne), the most agreeable resort on the coast; it has a castle that was built by the Romans, but is mostly Venetian today. Inside the castle is a Byzantine chapel and a museum of shipwrecks, with the world's oldest shipwreck and its contents. The Tombs of the Kings are dug into the soft rock on the cliffs outside Pafos. This town is most notable for its mosaics, which were put down as floors for Roman nobility in the 3rd century.

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