Discount International Car Rental

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Discount International Car Rental for Savings

Discount international car rental saves you money by working through the major agencies that offer international rental cars. Such an umbrella group can provide the best service, for it is affiliated with the best companies that have a proven track record of years of experience. By coordinating travel to most of the countries of the world, you, the traveler, save money you can spend on other parts of your trip.

Check out the websites of discount international car rental organizations to see about making advance reservations for the kind of car you will need. Traveling alone? You might want a compact; if you have business meetings, on the other hand, you might choose a luxury car to present a prosperous appearance. A family traveling in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, or Spain can rent a motorhome for that home-on-the-road comfort.

Leisurely Travel Is Great

Perhaps the best thing about international car rentals is they let you travel at your own pace, stopping when and where you want. If you see a private spot along the coast of Dunedin, New Zealand, you can pull over your SUV and explore it as long as you wish. Find a colorful cafe tucked into the hills of Provence in France? Spend an afternoon on French time, eating and talking with locals.

If you have extended time for your travels, think about really slowing down and living in a village for a week or longer. As you were leaving Madrid, you drove through a tiny spot called Guadarrama where the town still shuts down for the early afternoon, and some locals gather in the bar to watch bullfights on TV. You have the best of everything--trips into Madrid to see the museums and historical sites, and life in the slow lane observing the storks building a nest on the building next door.

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