Dunedin Car Hire

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Dunedin Car Hire: Watch for Livestock

Your Dunedin car hire will be ready for you to pick it up at the airport, if you wish. This is a rural area, so watch for livestock on the roads! The most important tip for navigating these twisty, winding roads is--go slow! Some roads in nearby mountains have such steep grades, they have an alpine rating.

The many one-lane bridges in the area should make drivers in international car rentals even more cautious, especially since there are many tour buses and logging trucks sharing the roads! A white line down the middle of the road is all that separates your auto rental international from any other traffic, so drive carefully. As in all of New Zealand, remember to keep left!

Unique New Zealand City

Dunedin has a different heritage from other New Zealand cities--it was founded by Scots in the mid-1800s, and shortly, gold was discovered. The gold rush that followed made this area extremely prosperous, but when the easy gold started to fail, an influx of Chinese who were skilled at extracting gold began the mix of ethnic groups that characterizes Dunedin today. With its distinguished 19th century architecture, Dunedin's main buildings are important historically.

In addition to all its other distinctive features, Dunedin had the honor of establishing New Zealand's first university, first Botanic Garden, and first newspaper! Amazingly, they are all still thriving today! Other outstanding features include the famous yellow-eyed penguins that inhabit the area. Take your Dunedin car hire and see the sights!

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