Florida Convertible Rental

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Florida convertible rental is a desirable option for Florida vacationers. Because the climate in Florida is warm and pleasant year-round, it is a popular location to visit. It is also a popular location for using a convertible vehicle, whether you are renting or have purchased the vehicle. Many vacationers will purchase a Florida convertible rental, so they can completely enjoy the open air and shining sun while they travel in Florida.

Florida Convertible Rental Choices

There are many different types of Florida convertible rentals that you can use on a vacation in Florida. Convertibles are typically more expensive than sedan rentals. But you can find convertibles in different price ranges according to the budget you have for your vacation. Many people will splurge on a vacation and will rent a luxury convertible for a few days.

In addition to pricing, you must consider your vehicle preferences when renting a convertible. You can choose between various features and colors of convertible vehicles in Florida. You must also consider how many passengers you will be transporting. Some convertibles can carry up to five passengers, but many will only hold two passengers.

There are many choices of luxury convertible rentals in Florida. Some of your choices include the Corvette, Viper, Porsche Boxster or 966, the Bentley Azure, the Ferrari 360 Modena or 355 Spider, the BMW M3, Z3, Z4, or Cabrio, the Lamborghini Diablo, and the Mercedes CLK Cabrio, SLK 230, or SL 500. You can find these convertible vehicles primarily from luxury or exotic car rental services in Florida.

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