Ft Lauderdale

Written by Jill Morrison
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Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful and exciting town in Florida. The area is considered a great place to live, visit, or to start a business. In fact, Ft Lauderdale is also known as the "Venice of America." Fort Lauderdale offers a nice tropical climate, with over 3,000 hours of sunshine each year. The beach areas are perfect for enjoying recreational activities, or simply relaxing in the sun.

Ft Lauderdale Options and Attractions

Ft Lauderdale is considered to have a tourism-based economy. Because it is such a popular vacation spot, many of the stores are dedicated to selling merchandise that would appeal to visitors. Because of the high levels of visitors, the area is a great place to run a business. Businesses are always thriving because the weather is beautiful year-round, so there are always vacationers in town.

Fort Lauderdale is located about 20 miles north of Miami and about 40 miles south of Palm Beach. It is the seventh largest city in Florida with a population of approximately 167,000 people. Ft Lauderdale continues to grow and change with each passing day. It has become a beautiful vacation area that offers great business opportunities and a high quality of life to residents.

When visiting Fort Lauderdale, you will need to make a few considerations. First you must consider where you will be staying. You can find nearly any type of accommodation in this town, from exotic resorts to cozy bed and breakfast inns. After choosing a place to stay, you should consider methods of travel. Most visitors will rent a car during their stay in Fort Lauderdale. Convertibles are the most popular choice because they allow you to completely enjoy the fresh tropical breezes during travel excursions in this area.

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