Hertz Car Hire

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Worldwide Hertz Car Hire

Hertz car hire is available the world over, with locations in 150 foreign countries and, of course, the United States. With a history of 80 years' experience with car hire, Hertz car rental international is a professional, efficient organization. You don't get to be the largest car rental operation in the world without excellent customer service.

Hertz has always been sharp about implementing advanced programs that add to its reputation for superior assistance to customers. In 1984, this forward-looking company was the first to install computerized driving directions in its rentals. In 1988, it became the first car rental company to offer cell phones in its cars.

Neighborhood and International Locations

With a vast array of locations throughout the world, Hertz offers a network of international rental cars available to business travelers, families, groups, and individuals. Whatever you want--economy, luxury, motorhome, limo--Hertz has a variety of models in each category. From local, neighborhood locations to offices in Africa, this company circles the globe with its 7,000 locations.

Have you always wanted to visit England, and finally have the chance? Hertz covers Heathrow Airport in London, of course, but it also services the lesser-known Gatwick Airport just outside of London. Once you've toured London, you might have your heart set on visiting the renowned English coast at Bournemouth in the south. Hertz car hire is there, as it is at all points of the compass.

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