Hertz Car Rental International

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Universal Hertz Car Rental International

Hertz car rental international has about 7,000 locations around the world to serve customers who want to travel for business or pleasure. Hertz is the largest car rental business in the world. With 1,900 locations in the United States and about 5,100 throughout the rest of the world, Hertz has the experience and coverage to provide you with excellent customer service.

Going abroad for business? Your schedule is probably tight, with no room for foul-ups; important appointments with colleagues must be kept. For a smooth business trip, efficient transportation is essential. Minor problems and details can easily throw off a schedule so that trains are not met and cars are not available when and where they should be.

Number One

For 80 years, Hertz has been helping customers get where they want to go in an affordable vehicle of their choice. Through delivering about 30 million reservations every year, Hertz car rental international has perfected the business of car rental. You know you can trust this company to get it right and to ensure that its part of your journey is pleasant.

The first European site for Hertz operations was France, established in 1950. Today, Hertz has locations in 150 foreign countries. Whether it's car hire Spain or car hire Sydney, this company knows its business and wants to make your encounter with it memorable for the smiles and efficiency of its employees.

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